EVP’s are interesting and pretty darn amazing! Electronic Voice Phenomenon happens when a spirit voice is captured over a recording. There are ways to practice this on your own! The best place to get started is your own space. Ask if anyone is around you who would like to communicate. If there is a spirit […]
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Mercury Retrograde Survival Kit

Mercury Retrograde can be a frustrating time. Yes, things seem to go haywire at an unprecedented frequency during this time period. Think of this time as an opportunity instead of a headache. Stones that are helpful during a retrograde ~ Aquamarine and Amethyst are both great choices to bring in balance and clarity. Any black […]
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The power of forgiveness will set you free. There are many reasons why forgiving someone is a great thing to do. Your soul is cleansed and open to learn and grow when the darkness of anger subsides. Crystals hold many fascinating uses. Some stones can help with the release of negative influence. Rhodonite is a […]
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Connecting to your Guiding Star

Meditation is one of the best ways to safely open your third eye. The Guiding Star meditation works excellent when you are looking to understand better what is best for you on your upcoming journey. Place relaxing meditation music on the background. Sit back comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine a bright light in the […]
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Know Your Angels

Angels are very responsive when asked to assist. They are eager to get to know a person and how to work with them. To achieve this, it does take patience and perseverance. Meditation is the best doorway to the angels. When meditating to find out what angels (who) are with you, first create an inviting […]
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Kundalini Power

Kundalini, in Hinduism, is a form of divine energy that is located at the base of the spine. It is an important concept in Śaiva Tantra, where it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine. It is the energy responsible for your spiritual awakening that sits and coils up […]
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