Mercury Retrograde can be a frustrating time. Yes, things seem to go haywire at an unprecedented frequency during this time period. Think of this time as an opportunity instead of a headache.
Stones that are helpful during a retrograde ~ Aquamarine and Amethyst are both great choices to bring in balance and clarity. Any black stone will help with protection.
Oils~ Chamomile and Lavender both will help to bring peace to a stressful situation.
Meditation ~ Give yourself a few minutes in the morning to go inside your happy space. Remember that meditation is healing to your mind, body, and soul.
Take note of any grudges or resentments that you have to a person. Write a quick note and take it outside and burn it. Breathe deeply after and go into a new frequency setpoint. This will help you to be lighter and stronger.
Check and recheck your calendar daily. This will help you catch any mistakes before they happen.
When something does go haywire, look up and thank the Universe for another opportunity to show you how resilient you are! 🙂
Good luck and Happy Retrograde!

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