Kundalini, in Hinduism, is a form of divine energy that is located at the base of the spine. It is an important concept in Ĺšaiva Tantra, where it is believed to be a force or power associated with the divine feminine. It is the energy responsible for your spiritual awakening that sits and coils up from the base of your spine.
7 Signs you had a Kundalini awakening ~
1. You have closed eye visuals such as faces, lights, orbs or shapes.
2. Feel a vibration in your body. This could be unexpected “zippies” or your hand may tremble. These vibrations would have no medical explanation and feel interesting but natural.
3. Wake up between the hours of 2-5 frequently. This “God and Goddess time” is meant to be a time for reflection, prayer or meditation.
4. Spontaneous healing takes place. This is usually a time that a HUGE awakening happens.
5. Different energetic experiences. One day high, next day low… What could appear as a mental health breakdown may actually be part of your system realigning to your new energy vibration in your body.
6. You are recognizing that you are much more intuitive or empathic.
7. Heat up the spine. This warmth will feel blissful!

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