The power of forgiveness will set you free. There are many reasons why forgiving someone is a great thing to do. Your soul is cleansed and open to learn and grow when the darkness of anger subsides.
Crystals hold many fascinating uses. Some stones can help with the release of negative influence. Rhodonite is a beautiful stone to relinquish old traumas. Rhodochrosite or Chrysoprase helps release both fear and anger towards someone who has hurt you. Sugilite helps a person heal when someone takes something from them. Apache Tear is a powerful stone if you become victimized. Rose Quartz holds the highest vibration of the stones with unconditional love being the essence. This stone can help you also heal by self-forgiving.
¬†Affirmation: “I release the pains of the past that no longer serve. I forgive all those that need my forgiveness, and I forgive myself wholly and completely.”

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